Friday, January 10, 2014

Neon Trees - Sleeping With A Friend

Neon Trees have announced a new record and simultaneously released the album's lead single for good measure.  Pop Psychology is their third full-length release and will see the light of day on April 22.  "Sleeping With A Friend" is our first taste of the band's new material.  Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how fantastic their last album was?  I feel like it gets overlooked most of the time, aside from the massively overplayed "Everybody Talks", while Picture Show was really a pretty amazing evolution from their debut.

"Sleeping With A Friend" has a few moments of M83-like grandeur, in terms of nostalgic and cinematic production.  There's a slight connection between the two bands, and it may be reaching a bit, but Anthony Gonzalez produced The Killers recent single "Shot At The Night" and Neon Trees opened for The Killers back in the day.  The more you know!  Tyler Glenn told Rolling Stone that Peter Gabriel is responsible for this sound, saying "Sonically speaking it's our biggest-sounding song to date.  That is probably because I was listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel's So record.  Those pop songs of his are so huge and great.".

"Sleeping With A Friend" is out now on iTunes or you can stream it below.  Pop Psychology is due on April 22.

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