Sunday, November 6, 2011

CITIZENS! - Girlfriend

CITIZENS! are an upcoming British band, London based to be specific, who are signed to Kitsuné.  You may know Kitsuné as the label who helped deliver acts such as DelphicHeartsrevolution, and Two Door Cinema Club.  CITIZENS!' debut single, "True Romance" comes out on December 19th, but you can download their new promo track "Girlfriend" at this very moment.  "Girlfriend" sounds a little bit like Franz Ferdinand circa 2009, and a lot like 80's new wave.  It's as catchy as pop music will ever be.  A full length album is expected to appear next year.  If it sounds anything like "True Romance" and "Girlfriend" then sign me up.

The band is currently on tour with The Rapture and will appear on Kitsuné's soon to be released compilation record.  You can download "Girlfriend", for the cost of an email address, here.  You can also stream and download the song from RCRD LBL below...

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  1. Funny thing, I was just listening to "True Romance"! I can't dig up any info on the band, though... elusive busybodies they are. (PS. Can't go wrong with a Kitsuné artist.)