Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MNDR - #1 In Heaven

Just the other day, I was wondering what ever happened to MNDR's soon-to-be album.  That very same morning, the pop act debuted a new single through a phone number that would stream the song when called.  With the fear of overwhelming phone fees in mind, I didn't make the call.  Thankfully, the single is now available across the internet, sans iPhone.

"#1 In Heaven" continues the streak of MNDR's E.P.E..  It's pop in the vein of fellow internet favorite, Robyn.  There's also a striking music video to enhance your listening experience.  Directed by Cody Critcheloe of SSION, the video channels some grungy fashion and long forgotten transitions.  It's a bit cheesy in that ironic way.  Check it out below...

"#1 In Heaven" is now available on iTunes (US link).  Look out for MNDR's upcoming album later this year.

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