Sunday, January 8, 2012

School Of Seven Bells - The Night

School Of Seven Bells' third album, Ghostory, is due to be released on February 28.  This record brings change to the band.  What was once a trio is now a duo.  The group currently consists of Benjamin Curtis and Alejandra Deheza, as Claudia Deheza took an exit for "personal reasons". You would think that a departure would stir up some problems, but almost two years after their previous release, Ghostory is shaping up to be quite the album.  The cover artwork alone is something to be mentioned, never mind the music.

"The Night" is the lead single and opening track to Ghostory.  The single's glossy sound wouldn't feel out of place in an 80's film starring an edgier Molly Ringwald, perhaps during the opening credits.  A rapid beat during the chorus adds just enough power to the song.  It's a breezy slice of dream pop.

Ga ahead and stream or download "The Night" below.  Ghostory is out February 28 on Vagrant Records. You can pre-order the record here.

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  1. That cover is beautiful. This song is awesome too. Really liking this band.