Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Conveyor - Conveyor

Conveyor is a band that exceeds genres.  The self proclaimed "experimental pop" quartet creates this blend of sounds that makes you reconsider the definition of pop and doubt all that you once knew about folk.  If you're looking for a band that can tackle a killer harmony, then you found your match.  The Brooklyn-based band also just released their self-titled debut album.  Filled with sporadic beats and ambient breakdowns, you get to experience the many aspects of Conveyor all within the stretch of eleven songs.

The record starts off with "Woolgatherer", an ideal first impression.  I feel like it captures everything that Conveyor does best.  The upbeat track stacks howling sirens on top of digital bleeps as a clap-along drum arrangement drives everything along.  Although the entire record has an overall bright and summery felling to it, "Woolgatherer" shines a bit brighter than the rest, not to discredit the remainder of the album.

Conveyor's ability to instantly transition from a stammering beat pattern into a low key chord-centric piece is what makes the album so interesting.  The drawn out periods are beautifully done and really create a dreamy atmosphere.  Both sides of the band mesh together to completely negate any sense of dull repetition.

One track that I keep returning to time after time is "Short Hair".  It's melodically addicting and once again showcases the tight vocal work. Lyrically the song is a brief idea, consisting of a little more than four lines, "You have short hair, but your face is so long".  That doesn't mean it's any less intriguing, for "Short Hair" is quite the opposite.

If you enjoy the sounds of Fleet Foxes, Sufjan StevensGrizzly Bear, or Feist, then Conveyor may very well be your new favorite band.  They take the acoustic elements of a more "indie" crowd and stir in some unconventional choices to shake things up a bit.  The album is a lavish soundscape without sounding too pretentious or precise.

Conveyor's eponymous record is out now on Paper Garden Records.  You can purchase a copy of the album on vinyl, CD, or digitally here.  It's also available on iTunes and Amazon MP3, but who wouldn't want to own a physical copy of that artwork?  If you're interested in seeing the band perform live, then you're in luck!  Conveyor's currently playing shows across the country as part of their summer tour.  You can find a full list of dates and venues here.

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