Monday, July 30, 2012

Le1f - Wut

New York rapper Le1f has been making waves across the internet with the release of a new video for his latest single, "Wut". The track is from his Dark York mixtape, which came out back in April.  "Wut" features horn loops and a dangerously sinister beat.  It's a bit Diplo, but everything is taken to a new level.  Just listen to the second verse for a prime example.

With this said, it's the video that's the real attraction.  Le1f's wearing short shorts, stretching bubblegum, and channeling Azealia Banks through some killer dance moves.  He's also sitting on the leg of a slick shirtless man that's wearing a Pikachu mask.  Yeah, he's gay.  The topic of his sexuality has been the focal point of many articles about both him and the video, but Le1f lets everyone know what he's all about.

"I am gay, and I’m proud to be called a gay rapper, but it’s not gay rap. That’s not a genre. My goal is always to make songs that a gay dude or a straight dude can listen to and just think, This dude has swag. I get guys the way straight rappers get girls. I’m not preachy. The best thing a song can be called is good."

So in the end, ignore the labels and check out the video for Le1f's "Wut". You can download and stream his mixtape, Dark York, here.

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