Sunday, July 22, 2012

SSION - Feelz Good (4-Evr)

SSION's music videos are always a spectacular sight.  With his over the top glam-pop personality, Cody Critcheloe is something of a modern day Boy George.  His latest video is for "Feelz Good (4-Evr)", my favorite song off of SSION's last album, Bent.  The video features a mass of images that will most likely give you a sensory overload.  It may seem a bit simple when compared to previous videos such as "Earthquake", but it'll take you much longer to discover everything this one has to offer.  Feel free to search each and every frame while I try to find a leather jacket that even comes close to rivaling Cody's.

Check out "Feelz Good (4-Evr)".  Be careful, it may trigger a seizure.

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