Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kimbra - Come Into My Head

Okay, this is getting out of control now.  Seriously, 2012 is the year of amazing music videos.  It was crazy enough when David Byrne and St. Vincent were dancing down a black and white street or when Grimes was traveling around in her gang of sword wielding friends, but then out of nowhere, along comes Kimbra.  Actually, it wasn't out of nowhere, as she's been pumping up this release on her twitter for a little while.  Plus, Kimbra isn't exactly a beginner when it comes to videos.  She already has quite a few under her belt and they're often full of quirky and bright imagery.

Her most recent video is for "Come Into My Head", from her debut album Vows.  This one is literally insane. There's a twisted mental hospital setting and spastic dancing.  Check it out...

Kimbra's stellar debut album, Vows, is available now.  You can purchase a copy here.

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