Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J)

I've been addicted to "Roar" for a while now.  It's just so difficult to resist screeching along to that chorus.  Even though that song is still a newborn in terms of your average radio hit's lifetime, Katy Perry went ahead and released a new promo single.  "Dark Horse" was chosen for release by her fans in a little poll she held a while ago.  It managed to beat out "Walking On Air", another song from her upcoming album.  But don't worry, both songs will see an early iTunes premiere anyways.  "Walking On Air" will be out on September 30.

"Dark Horse" is a complete and total new direction for the California Gurl.  It's what the industry people like to call "urban", as it's generally less pop sounding and unfortunately features Juicy J.  That's by far the rotten spot in an otherwise exciting single.  Juicy J adds no more personality than your usual rent-a-rapper feature.  Push that aside, or create a "no rap" version, and you have a great follow up to "Roar".  Katy's vocals are nice and sleek compared to her usual belting and the tone reminds me of Jessie J and Becky G's recent track, "Excuse My Rude".  Prism is shaping up to be something quite interesting.

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