Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday I'm In Love - 20/9/13

Friday I'm In Love is a weekly feature.
It highlights what I loved over the past week.
Week = Friday to Friday.
May include things of a non-musical variety.

This Is... Icona Pop

Icona Pop's debut album This Is... Icona Pop is out next week.  Luckily, you can stream the entire record at this very moment over at Pitchfork.  So if you can't wait to hear some more amazing pop from the Swedish duo, then get your strobe lights out and start listening.  The album includes a few highlights from their Iconic EP, all of those one-off singles, and a bunch more.

They've also filmed a new video for "All Night", as seen above.  Directed by Dori Oskowitz, the extended cut features a ballroom competition.  With spoken pieces inserted throughout, it surpasses your usual music video qualifications and crosses over into something of a mini documentary.

"Lovers In The Parking Lot" by Solange

Directed by Solange, Peter J. Brant, and Emily Kai Bock, "Lovers In The Parking Lot" is simple yet effective.  Taken from last year's True EP, Solange dances her way through a glowing shopping mall.  Sometimes you just can't beat a dance video.  The choreography and styling is colorful and on point.  Now please excuse me while I go revisit the full album.

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