Friday, June 21, 2013

M.I.A. - Bring The Noize

I'm pretty sure you've heard this by now, but I just had to post it.  M.I.A. has a new single!  I remember writing a piece back in 2010, completely destroying her hit or miss single "Steppin' Up".  Seems like that was just yesterday. While I'm still not fond of that drilling assault of the ears, I do love some M.I.A..  Within the last month, Kala has seen a random revival on my headphones as a favorite record.  Her new single, "Bring The Noize" is interesting, maybe not what I expected, but it brings the noize.  Her verses remind me of Arular material with a "Bamboo Banga" beat.  It's definitely an exciting sample of the always-delayed Matangi.  Let's just hope the album's not too positive.

UPDATE: There's now a video to go with it! Check it out...

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