Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is Lana Del Rey's "Black Beauty" Demo Better Than The Album Version?

If you've heard the deluxe edition of Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence, then you'll notice that the first bonus track is "Black Beauty", a song that leaked last year in the form of a demo.  There's always that age-old debate between preferences towards the demo version and the album version of a song, and "Black Beauty" is an interesting case.

It's pretty much the same song in both forms when it comes to the lyrics, but everything else has completely changed.  The demo featured minimal production and was a tragically beautiful song in every way possible.  As far demos go, "Black Beauty" is fantastic.

The album version keeps the low-key intro, but switches things up once the first chorus hits.  The album version was actually produced by Paul Epworth and sounds like a piece of Ultraviolence, which serves the record better in terms of continuity.  It's grand and triumphant, which replaces the original atmosphere a bit.

So here's the deal, which version do you prefer?  Does the "less is more" demo feel more personal or do you prefer the fully produced album version?  You can pick up a copy of the album, featuring "Black Beauty", here.

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