Monday, June 30, 2014

Stream Mr. Dream's "Ultimate In Luxury"

It's been a long time coming, but Mr. Dream's Ultimate In Luxury is finally being released.  The album was preceded by a slew of singles, all of which were pretty amazing, and now it's up for streaming ahead of the July 7 release date.

Ultimate In Luxury will be released on a limited run of one hundred cassettes, complete with hand-crafted artwork in a stunning shade of hot pink (see picture below).  One little detail found on the pre-order page calls the album "the new and posthumous release", so it looks like this could be the band's grand exit.  Although if you're familiar with Mr. Dream at all, they could very well release another album next week just for kicks.

There's probably going to be a follow-up "review" post for this album a little later on, but after listening to the record once, I had the overwhelming urge to immediately play it again.  It actually has a fair amount of danceable moments mixed in with their go-to racket of a sound.  My mind is still stuck on the opening riff to "Work Faster".

Ultimate In Luxury is out on July 7, via GODMODE.  You can pre-order the cassette, bundled with a digital copy, here and then stream it below.

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