Thursday, June 19, 2014

Porter Robinson - Lionhearted (Feat. Urban Cone)

Back in 2012, I had the opportunity to see Porter Robinson and Zedd play a duel set at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest and I chose to see M83 instead.  It was just one of those dreaded festival decisions where you have to pick and choose between artists that you love, and unfortunately the Porter/Zedd show was snubbed.

That little anecdote dates back to before Porter's recent Worlds project, and by project I mean upcoming album.  Worlds is coming out on August 12 and so far it sounds like a more developed and fleshed out view of electronic music.  "Seas Of Voices", a track from earlier this year, was an extended atmospheric piece.  It's a big change from "Spitfire", to say the least.

His newest single is "Lionhearted" and it features the Swedish band, Urban ConePorter has managed to make electronic focused music without sounding like a DJ, sort of how RAC creates pop music without sounding like a mass market producer.

"Lionhearted" also has an amazing music video, showcasing a harajuku gang outfit mixed with a touch of Scott Pilgrim.  It was directed by Jodeb and has Porter glitching up the city.  You can check out "Lionhearted" below and if you're interested in grabbing Worlds on translucent vinyl or possibly tour dates, then head on over to Porter's website.

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