Friday, February 22, 2013

Yoko Ono - Hold Me

Earlier this week, avant-garde legend and peace activist Yoko Ono celebrated her 80th birthday with the release of a video for her newest single.  "Hold Me" is a hook heavy dance track perfectly crafted for an extended run at the top of the club charts.  The collaboration with Dave Audé further displays how Yoko, who simply goes by ONO for her remix and club projects, is able to capture the energetic dance genre.  Although it's ridiculously unlikely to happen, it would be amazing to see this song cross over onto the Hot 100 charts for a mainstream audience.  Everybody needs a little bit of Yoko from time to time.

The original album version of "Hold Me" is accompanied by ten additional mixes for a full release, which you can grab on iTunes, here.  You can also check out the lyric video below.

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