Monday, July 15, 2013

Goldfrapp - Drew

It's been a few years since Goldfrapp's 2010 retro synth-pop album, Head First.  Alison Goldfrapp has been less than generous while discussing that record, even going so far to say "I didn’t like the last album very much.  I’m not very proud of that one."  While some may agree with her, I find it to be quite enjoyable every now and then.  It can be a bit overwhelming in the ABBA sense if you're not in the mood for it, but there really are some great moments.

This September, the duo will release the follow-up to Head First.  Tales Of Us is shaping up to be a highly anticipated return to form.  I say that because they've just released a video for the record's lead single "Drew" and it sounds like signature Goldfrapp, sans 80's revival tunes.  The video was directed by Lisa Gunning and features Alison in a black and white clip. There's a bit of nudity, but it's handled in a classy way.  The song is actually alarmingly beautiful and we can only hope that the full album is equally stunning.  Check out the video and look for Tales Of Us on September 9, via Mute Records.

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