Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Charli XCX - SuperLove

I must admit that I didn't quite see the appeal of Charli XCX at first.  With that said, my first exposure to Charli's music was "Cloud Aura" from her Super Ultra mixtape, which features Brooke Candy.  Anything involving Brooke Candy can take a little while to warm up to.  After stumbling upon "Take My Hand", I truly started to appreciate Charli's debut True Romance as a whole and now it's a bit of a staple whenever some solid electro-pop is needed.

Charli XCX's latest song is a taste from her upcoming second album.  While details on the sophomore release are almost non-exsistant, the first single has already received a video treatment.  "SuperLove" is a bubblegum crossover track and the video adds robots, harajuku stylings, and plenty of attitude to the mix.  If you haven't already heard the song, then please do yourself a favor and watch the video first.  It's a colorful blast of pop and possibly too much fun.

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