Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cold Cave - Nausea, The Earth And Me

Following Wesley Eisold's somewhat recent trend of releasing Cold Cave material one single at a time, Nausea, The Earth And Me is his latest creation and serves as the final single of 2013.  The three track single begins with the title song and it's one pounding industrial madhouse of an opener with drowned out vocals, some driving synth, and a steady beat.  "Don't Blow Up The Moon" and "Beaten 1979" round out the single, with the latter being a frantic track that ends with a ticking explosion.

"Tell me how does strength make a difference
When all I ever strongly feel is indifference" 
- Nausea, The Earth And Me

What I love about Nausea, The Earth And Me, along with Cold Cave's other singles reaching back to A Little Death To Laugh, is that by releasing music in this single/EP format, each mini-album is a concise piece of music. There's a beginning and end with no timer, genres limitations, or lengthly recording session.

Nausea, The Earth And Me is available on iTunes

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